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Camolot the Creator sketch 08-12-14 by camolotthe10
Camolot the Creator sketch 08-12-14
a sketch that i made of Camolot the Creator on the super-handy Mimio.
Debriefing, Commander #1 AKA Will Elexion, 2209 hours, OCY 267

Subject: the ICEOBAR incident


Debriefing agent

log begin…

(agent): Stating for the record, this debriefing is regarding the ICEOBAR incident. Interview is of Commander Elexion, as ordered by him to form a comprehensive record of events as they happened from his point of view, as the Commander was the only representative of HU to witness the event first hand. Sir, are you ready to begin?

(Elexion): Yes. You may continue, soldier.

Thank you, sir. For the record, can you state the time of the beginning of the event, as well as the complete location?

Regarding the incident, the starting location was the third continent of Planet Iceobar, Planet number fourteen thousand three hundred and fifty-six, galaxy thirty nine, universe seventy three. The incident began at approximately two hundred and forty hours Osrisis CHAMO time, which was about midday on the third continent of Iceobar.

Can you state the purpose of the mission to Iceobar, and the reason that you were the only HU representative on the planet at the time?

The mission was one of diplomatic purposes. Iceobar is an inhabited planet with a technological level of three to three-point-one; My presence was due to accidental, though unavoidable, contact between the Iceobaran space program and a force of HU fighter-class vessels investigating fluctuating quantum readings originating from the Iceobaran star system. Wary and rather skittish, the Iceobaran government had requested an HU representative from among our highest ring of political figures and no one else. After hearing of this and wishing to continue positive diplomatic relations with any species we had contact with, I went personally, and made sure to assimilate their language beforehand.

Um, a personal question, if I may, sir…

Go ahead, soldier.

Why did you decide to go personally? Was there a deeper motive to your decision? You usually leave diplomatic relations to the politicians. Er… sorry, sir.

No, that was a good question. Simply, I selected myself to pursue this diplomatic mission for two reasons: first, to deal with first contact personally and asses their defensive and offensive capabilities. The second was to investigate the quantum fluctuations for myself and deal with them if it became necessary, as it did.

Can you give me a complete run-down of what occurred on Iceobar?

Of course: As I said earlier, I arrived on the third continent of Iceobar at about midday, so I got a pretty clear view of the surrounding cityscape of the capitol while landing the Orion on a landing platform on the roof of the capitol building. Upon exiting my craft, I was met with a force of what appeared to be a mixture of soldiers and secret service members, who offered to provide a translator, but were delighted to find that I already spoke their language fluidly. Apparently, there are many dialects of their language on their planet, and being honored in their own dialect by a visiting dignitary is something of a compliment in their culture.  It was a lucky blunder, really, though they seemed impressed when I said simply that speaking another species’ native language when in their homeland is common courtesy for HU. I was wearing one of the standard HU weapons holster strap-type vests, stocked with my usual close-quarters combat kit-

Could you describe your “usual”?

My usual consists of two SR-09s, one SP-07, one SAR-25K, and one SP-17, with two magazines for each, along with my usual swords. I surrendered my firearms at their request, but I noticed that they didn’t take my swords; when I inquired, a soldier explained that it was considered dishonorable to separate a warrior from his blade, or blades as the case may be.

Thank you; as you were saying before?

I surrendered my firearms and accompanied the soldiers to a room that seemed similar in use, if not in form, to the Oval Office on Earth. I was introduced to the president of the Iceobaran democratic republic, who expressed interest in my weapons. I then quickly established a rapport with him over our shared interest in that manner, striving to make him feel as comfortable as possible, you understand, as well as attempting to subtly investigate the military capabilities of the planet. Apparently, they had been the targets of an invasion not so long ago, though they had managed to drive it off, which explained their cautious dealings with us. I explained what HU was, as well as the capacities in which we operate, and then filled him in on our reason for lingering in this star system. He was concerned when I told him about the anomalous readings we had been detecting, and even more so when I informed him that it might be a threat to his planet and people. I easily secured a pledge of cooperation from him, though with the condition that I couldn’t call down any more HU forces; they were relatively comfortable with HU at this point, but the common people would not be for a little while yet. While he broadcasted a speech to his planet, I returned to the Orion in order to try and narrow down the location of the source of the anomaly, and I was shocked to discover that it was located on the grounds of the capitol building, and it seemed to be stabilizing into something similar to a wormhole. I quickly warned the president and managed to create a defensive line before the anomaly finally stabilized into a recognizable portal, and soldiers of some description came pouring through. Having retrieved my weapons from the soldiers that had requested them from me, I drew the SAR-25K and the SP-17 and switched them both to full auto, firing into the crowd. At the time, I had HE rounds loaded so whatever got hit was pretty much reduced to red pulp except for a few of them, who employed Duohuman bullet blocking and deflection tactics.
Noticing this, I holstered the SAR and the SP and drew the SR-09, loaded with armor-piercing 12x99mm rounds, and started aiming for headshots; I took down a couple of them before they closed the distance and I had to draw my katana with my left hand, switching the SR-09 to my right, and fought hand-to-hand. The Duohumans I was fighting were experienced and skilled, but not enough to avoid getting killed or knocked out when they went up against me. I took on everyone that came out of that gate, with the assistance of the Iceobaran troops, until the flow of troops slowed, then stopped, and I decided to step through the portal myself to close it from the other side and find out what faction was responsible for an attack during diplomatic relations. Stepping through was disorienting in a way that no other portal or wormhole had been, and I was spat out the other side into some rather strange scenery, that being a sort of military base that I recognized as the hangar bay of outpost five hundred and ninety-six thousand four hundred twenty two, a large outpost in universe twenty-six, but with significant differences. It had appeared that a battle had occurred here, while no such thing happened at our outpost, and the electrical systems were heavily modified to support a wormhole gate that presumably led back to where I had come from. There were a couple of scientists, who were evacuating the room when I came through, and a small contingent of soldiers that were obviously sent to deal with me. I quickly handled the soldiers and infected a nearby computer station with nanites, then forcibly accessed it’s files and downloaded what I could to my wrist computer before leaving the room and continuing down the hallway towards where I knew the outpost’s armory to be, dealing with soldiers on the way there. I cut the hinges on the blast door and kicked it in before checking the inventory listing and finding what I required. I retrieved five blocks of C4, with detonators and timers before reloading my weapons and, finally, leaving one of the five bricks hidden in the room with a thirty second countdown on it.
I set the door back in place and made it look normal before taking the remaining C4 and moving back towards the hangar. Right on time, the C4 in the armory detonated along with some of the munitions stored there, destroying the armory and setting fire to the area around it, drawing soldiers in to begin firefighting while I calmly set up the four C4 bricks on the portal and setting a five minute timer on them before stepping through. I then warned the Iceobaran troops in the courtyard where the battle had taken place and we moved all the equipment and bodies, dead or alive, into the safe zone; just as we finished, an explosion was communicated through the gate, only to be cut short by the collapse of the anomaly. After that, the diplomatic part of HU stepped in and began communications with the planetary government while we evacuated the mystery soldiers l had disabled in combat and the corpses left on the lawn. After cleanup was complete, I relayed a farewell to the president and left in the Orion, returning to Osrisis.

And from there, Camolot the Wanderer discovered that they were troops from AltHU, correct?

Correct. From the data compiled in my wrist computer and from what Wanderer could glean from the data stored in the memory banks of their suits, they had miscalculated; originally, they had meant to land on the Universe 25 version of Iceobar, whose indigenous life was wiped out around OCY 246. They had meant to take and terraform the planet before using it as a base to quietly spread to other planets and other universes. It was mere luck for us that they forgot to carry a zero and ended up in the wrong place; otherwise, their plan would be well underway and we would be none the wiser.

Alright, thank you, sir, I think that is enough for the report.

Good. You can go, soldier. I have other business to attend to today.

Yes, sir.
a debriefing of HU Commander III, Elexion, on the subject of the ICEOBAR incident.

sorry if this is a little confusing, the text was originally color-coded. i'll try to clean it up a little.

Wings firearms:…


happy late three year anniversary, DA! *pulls string on popper, confetti goes everywhere* arrrgg! i'm gonna have to clean that up now...

so, anyway, heres to three years spent on this site! it's really been a lot of fun, getting my art work out there for the world to see and collaborating with people, as well as seeing the gradual changes in my own art style, as well as in the art styles of others and Deviantart itself. 
developing my individual artistic style was always an uphill battle for me. i saw so many people who could make much better art than i thought i ever could, people who made such cool stuff, and i suppose that aspiring to one day be that good is what pushed me to the first stage of my artistic development. i began with sonic fan art, some of which is still in the depths of my gallery because i haven't gotten around to deleting it, or perhaps because i'm unwilling to delete the roots of what i am today. these characters were simple, two dimensional in both drawing and personality. i began with a single drawing of a black-and-grey hedgehog that i named Storm (this was actually before Sonic Riders came out, so this was an original name at the time), and said drawing is still hanging next to my door in my room, right next to my Assassin's Creed IV and NASA Space Missions (from Mercury on) posters. this was the first drawing of a sonic character that i was ever really satisfied with, and it began my slow climb up that mountain. another step came when a friend pointed me toward Deviantart, and i began submitting my creations for all to see, and as i did so, my art developed, and me along with it. i went through a long Kingdom Hearts stage (even now, i'm still not completely out of it, and probably never will be) and it showed in my work; characters acquired keyblades for weapons, and nobody cloaks were widely used. eventually, though, this fell out of style in favor of a new art style that developed out of the first drawing of a human that i could stand to look at, a self-portrait, actually. from there i started to develop the character Elexion, branching out into Camolot the Wanderer, Will s. and, finally, Camolot the Creator. along the way, i made new characters and re-sculpted old ones, many of them now forgotten, until my artistic style is as it is today. 
the journey of three years to this point was well worth both the effort and wait. now, i'm going to see where another three years can take me. until then,

  • Listening to: The Protomen Will of One
  • Reading: Amulet III
  • Watching: Blue Gender/sword art online/yu-gi-oh
  • Playing: Minecraftia!
  • Eating: tortillas YES
  • Drinking: -_- really wish i had some eggnog...

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will s. or Camolot the Creator
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i am 17 (hooray.)
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i have taken up quantum physics and string theory as a hobby
i really want people to comment on my art (plz?)
my favorite video game hero would ether be Rayman or Ty the Tasmanian tiger
i do commissions for free. or something. bleh...

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